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Social script develops & manages all aspects of your online presence with website design, development, content writing, email marketing, social media management, SEO and SEM, leading towards Lead generation & sales

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Social Media​​

Setup & optimise campaigns for various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat


Optimise your website to deliver the highest quality organic traffic which provides you with more opportunities to drive awareness of your business.


Build a cost effective Ad strategy to decrease the CPC (Cost per Click) and improve the ranking of the website.


Build a cost effective marketing strategy for SEO and PPC which is strategically aligned.

Web Design​

Design and develop a stable website to increase brand visibility and awareness.

Content Marketing​

Create engaging and relavant content to generate high quality traffic and rank in multiple google snippets

Recent projects


Lead Generation
Web Design

ROAS: 300
(For every 1$ spent on Ads, 300$ return)


Ecommerce Optimization
Social Media Marketing

AOV nearly Doubled
(Average order value increased from 57$ to 108$)


Search engine optimization
Social Media marketing

Dominating the repair niche
 iTweak is now India’s most searched Apple repair service
More than 1 lakh visitors every year

Samhita Dental

Design & Front end development

Rebuilding Brand and Web presence for Samhita dental

Generate more leads for your business

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